Friday, May 25, 2018

Sweater weather is better weather

It's officially Winter or, as I like to call it sweater weather and I could not be more excited to spend weekends on the couch surrounded by blankets, splurge on a new sweater from Zaful and try my Dad's pumpkin soup recipe. Don't get me wrong, I love going for a swim on a warm Summer's day and eating mango smoothies everyday but it's been unseasonably warm for the last eight months- so I'm relishing the cool change and the lack of bugs! When I first moved from Melbourne to central Queensland I brought a few old sweatshirts but nothing that really made me look good and feel good, so lately it's all I can think about: tracking down the ultimate feel good, comfy sweatshirt. Sweatshirts and cardigans don't have to be boring, and two of my favourites feature rainbows! One is perfect for wearing to a dance class or just hanging out and watching Netflix while the other is a little bit more colourful.  You can check out more amazing sweaters and a bunch of other things at:

Normally I'm not a fan of a cropped jumper but this one looks so damn comfy and honestly, who doesn't want a tiny embroidered rainbow following them around all day? I think it's also important, especially on days when you're feeling a bit premenstrual or you've just had a crappy day to have a jumper you can throw on to feel a little bit better. Bonus points if you could also wear that jumper to go out to the movies, or wear to brunch on a Sunday with your best mates. 
If you like me, like being a little bit extra then what could be better thank a oversized pink jumper with some rainbow detailing? Honestly, if you can think of something better I would love to hear about it (and you can tell me by leaving a comment below!)

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