Wednesday, May 23, 2018

New hair, new you

A change of the seasons has brought about an insatiable urge for change to pursue growth and personal development- and what better way to bring about such change than with a change of hair? The only problem is I have naturally dark hair and living in a rural area I'm not able to visit a hair salon on a regular basis to keep retouching my roots. Lately I’ve been drawn to pastel tones (which everyone knows have the highest upkeep!) but all is not lost, because of course I can wear a wig and don’t need to worry about maintaining pastel locks. I’ve been eyeing off the ombre wavy synthetic wig by Everyday Wigs and dreaming of trying some braids or adding glitter for a full festival look. There’s a range of ombre lace front wigs if mint green doesn’t float your boat and you’re after something a little more natural. 

Speaking of natural, another favourite from the Everyday Wigs website is one of their blonde lace front wigs and it's the Brown and Blonde Straight synthetic wig. I’ve had my fair share of hairdressers question me every time I’ve entertained the notion of going blonde but this wig also has some gorgeous ombre tones which gradually lightens from the roots. In case you’re wondering whether Everyday Wigs specialise in synthetic wigs I’ve got good news for you, they also have a stunning range of wigs made from human hair and they've got human wigs to suit every skin tone and complexion, including black women, as well as Human wigs for white women

Picking a wig that suits your skin tone should always be front of mind, the same as whenever you get your hair cut or dyed. If you’ve got an olive complexion, chances are you’ll suit most shades (check the colour of your veins near your wrist, if they appear green and blue, as well as blue and purple then you’ve got olive skin). Cool toned skin (i.e. your veins appear blue and purple) best suit warm hair tones (reds, pinks and oranges) whereas warm skin tones look great with shades of dark brown, as well as blues, purples and greens. Would you ever consider wearing a wig? Is there a character you’d love to dress up as in a cosplay that has super long or dyed hair? Let me know in the comments!