Monday, November 6, 2017

How to wear find the perfect top for Summer

Summer is just around the corner, which can only mean one thing, you'll want to be outside and maybe, just maybe, even want to show off a little skin. No judgement, this is a safe space and an open discussion on how you and I can get the most out of our wardrobe, and find the perfect pieces to navigate the summer social calendar. What do I mean by that? Well with Christmas next month, there's going to be office parties, your family might want to get together for a barbecue, if you're in mother's group someone might suggest going for a picnic in the park is a good idea and by the end of it all, you probably want to take yourself out to eat ice cream by the beach. 

There are very few pieces in your wardrobe that can take you from a casual brunch, to drinks with your girlfriends, but a classy fashion blouse for women will save your sanity and even a few pennies too. This isn't a call to arms and suggestion to reach for the wardrobe staple, a term I find to be problematic in that it implies everyone should have the same thing in their closet, but a redefinition of the wardrobe staple. Maybe you want to have a really great button down shirt, dress it up with red flares and a fun pair of hoop earrings. Or you're happy to wear a colourful top with a pair of denim shorts, dressed up with a killer pair of boots or dressed down with sandals (Carmen Miranda fruit hat optional, but OTT jewellery highly recommended).

It sounds terribly cliche, but you are really only limited by your imagination, and for that matter sense of adventure. By all means wear a button down when hiking, but it might not be appropriate say, rock-climbing or in a high intensity cardio class. Maybe your instructor can be the judge of that, but what I want you to do is enjoy these next few months, wherever you are and whatever you do. If you're inspired by any of these blouses, you can find them at
Yoins where there is a massive sale going on, right now!

If you happen to live in the Northern Hemisphere and kind of want to punch me right now for the suggestion of wearing loose summery tops, don't worry I got you covered. Yoins have a new blog, with style tips on how to wear a mini skirt, wherever you live (yes, pairing with an oversized sweater and boots is an option).

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