Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Blue Dragon

Wearing: Asos mohair coat and flats with a thrifted cheongsam dress.

I'm in shock it was cold enough to wear a coat this morning but after a few storms last week the temperature has dropped and I for one couldn't be happier! The second biggest surprise is that I haven't tried this all blue combination before but I'll definitely be open to more outfits like this one in the future. After months of sitting on my hands I still can't decide whether to embezzle this jacket or not, but the addition of any sequins or beads will probably be minor at this stage. Hopefully it rains a little more in the next couple of months and you may or may not be seeing this coat reincarnate!


  1. The blue coat and dress are great . Love ❤️ the vintage Asia feel of the dress !
    Dress The Part

    1. Yes you are right very beautiful designs and very fun to read Thanks for sharing this article