Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Best of October Street Style 2017

As fashion month finished up in Paris at the beginning of October, there wasn't really a lot of personality exuded in the outfits of many of the fashion insiders, editors, models and Instagrammers. Classically beautiful women in neutral tones and black dresses bores me to tears, and it doesn't make fashion feel democratic either. I'm not able to participate in the twenty-first century's equivalent of a beauty pageant, but what became apparent is the authenticity of shoe-goers at Russia Fashion Week. Normally, women hang out in groups at fashion week, and there's nothing wrong with that but for someone living in a rural area who hasn't had a best friend since leaving high school it feels alienating to look at pictures of thirty-something year old women linking arms and walking the streets of Milan or Paris. The women of Moscow seemed less preoccupied with squad goals, with many snaps featuring solitary figures on their phones. It came as a breath of fresh air after scrolling through images of women huddled in cafes in Paris, although they too were on their phones. Skinny heels, skinny sunglasses, lurex and a nod to the 90's were street style favourites, with plaid and checks out in full force.

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  1. much needed inspo for the winter its freezing n i forgot how to dress