Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Summer Sun

Wearing: White off shoulder shirt, vintage pink Levi's shorts, Karen Walker cat eye sunglasses and Asos flats.

It's about this time of eyar that I usually bellyache about the onset of warmer weather and the difficulties of getting dressed. But this year isn't like previous years, instead I'm embracing Summer and not missing an opportunity to bring a bit of glamor to each outfit. It can be something as simple as a bag charm or fun keyring, or a pop of colour and something unexpected. Sunglasses are the obvious choice, but I'm also really into the idea of creating my own choker necklaces from scraps of ribbon. It's something which is cheap, good for the environment but more importantly people have a fun reaction when they see me. There's nothing better than the simple joy of bringing a smile to someone's face!

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