Thursday, October 5, 2017

Shrimps Resort 2018

 There was an initial buzz when Shrimps presented their first Resort collection a couple of years ago now, and at first I was excited by the prospect of having more faux fur coats  and stoles to eyeballs, rather than having to wait until Fall. However, the excitement has worn off a little, and I wasn't quite as into the silhouettes of this season's dresses, nor the colour palette that Hannah Weiland normally masters each and every season. At this point, my speculation leads me to the assumption that burn out is to blame, and the tried and true mantra of 'quality over quantity' reigns true, but that's not to say there weren't some standout pieces too. Pink silk pajamas bearing hand doodled illustrations by Weiland, who collects these characters on napkins and memo pads during meetings and at cafes wormed their way into Resort 2018. Faux fur coats with scalloped trim collars and arm bands, as well as knee length leopard print coats and more doodled faces were among the season's standouts. Everything else feels somewhat lapse in terms of Instgram-worthy statement-making, luxurious clothes. 

 In a way, it felt like if I blinked I would miss the gingham dresses, plaid coats and ruffled knits. I can't begrudge Weiland for trying to take Shrimps in another direction, but again it lacked the spark that's become synonymous with the brand since capturing the attention of street style stars and later debuting at London Fashion Week. The strength of the brand is undoubtedly this idea that a cult of kickass, career driven and stylish women wear these coats. Within that circle of women are the likes of Alexa Chung, Susie Lau and Daisy Lowe. It seems somewhat surreal to remove that context, and instead show the entire collection in front of a yellow vinyl backdrop with the model reminiscent of both Phoebe and Rachel from Friends. Straight off the bat that gave Resort 2018 a very New Yorker feel, or maybe it was that shade of yellow also evoking the kitchen and decor from Friends. Whatever the case, I'm eagerly anticipating a more London inspired, and adventurous collection next season. 

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