Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Wearing: Thrifted dress and kimono, Asos flats and pom pom earrings from Strange Magic on Etsy.

Halloween is upon us and while others have watched scary movies and sipped on pumpkin spice lattes throughout the month of October, I've only managed to conjure this outfit loosely inspired by Eve from The Mummy (1999). It's also been a little warmer lately which means I'm stuck for ideas on chic outfits which won't disappear in a pool of my own sweat. I know that The Mummy is not a very scary film, in fact it's one I've seen before but I can't bring myself to watch anything too scary for fear of losing sleep, or worsening my anxiety. I haven't spoken at length about my mental health, but with the power of hindsight I now know that for the first time this year it's under control and there isn't a niggling fear in the back of my mind. Mindfulness, and mindfulness apps can make a massive difference if you incorporate them into your daily routine.

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