Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Katie Jones Spring 2017

Queen of crochet Katie Jones has been am advocate for all things handmade, and using recycled materials to create something new. The beauty of these pieces is that not only are they low impact on the environment and made by a team of incredibly gifted women but they're visually stunning too. It's been years since I've stepped out in my own crochet cardigan but I acquired that piece using sheer dumb luck, rather than skill. Another reason why it's stayed in my closet is because it's back at my parent's house, rather than being here with me in Winton but I digress. I'd love to be reunited with my favoured jacket, especially after fawning over the Katie Jones Spring 2017 lookbook. Entitled 'Pepperland', it's a different direction for Katie Jones and departure from the use of colourful recycled leather, pom poms and jelly sandals by Juju footwear. Black and white, as well as a penchant for geometric shapes and patterns is the main focus for Spring 2017 with cardigans paired with crochet bikinis, the latter are enjoying their moment in the sun (no pun intended).  

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