Friday, October 6, 2017


Wearing: Vintage dress, DIY choker and Asos flats.

Wearing this vintage pink dress my boyfriend found when cleaning up the house is probably the closest I’ll ever get to wearing one of Molly Goddard’s frothy pink concoctions and right now I’m OK with that. There is normally an internal struggle going on in my head where on one hand I desperately want to splurge on something like a Shrimps coat or some expensive jewellery but without having a steady job (and applying to do a PhD) I am becoming more mindful that I now lack disposable income. I’ve also become more attached to the idea of my income working for more, and earning on interest in my bank account, although I still love seeing a wardrobe crammed full of colourful clothes. The culmination of this internal struggle is a desire to start my own fashion label, largely inspired by Rachel Burke which I dreamed about feverishly last night. I’ve also started to sell some pieces from my wardrobe on Depop, follow me on @secret_hipster to shop from my closet!

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