Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Clio Peppiatt Spring 2018

The occult has always been a mysterious realm, with the prospects of crystals offering protection and used to cure ailments a concept completely lost on my scientific mind. That’s not to say I’m open to the realm of possibility there are external forces at work, which is why I love having my tarot cards read on occasion. More than anything I love seeing the incredibly detailed artwork, as well as symbolism and nuance of each card. Although I must admit, only in my wildest dreams would a tarot card be as glamorous as the Clio Peppiatt Spring 2018 presentation. Without fail, she delivers one of the most underrated and visually stunning collections at London Fashion Week with garments incredibly detailed and following seasons past, conceptually beautiful footwear. Susie Lau has already been spotted wearing the slippers, toing and froing during fashion month and I’m obsessed. Shoes were just one of many components through which Peppiatt explored female identity and supernatural motifs, with lavish embellishment and vibrant silk used to create incredibly detailed power suits to delicate ruffled gowns. 

Clio Peppiatt’s femme fatales took inspiration from Anna Biller’s ‘The Love Witch’, in which the protagonist, a modern-day witch uses her power to captivate men and destroy them in the process. The narrative lends itself to Peppiatt’s creative process, and amazing cast featuring Charlie Barker, Moffy and buzzcut beauties among others. These powerful women yielded tarot card purses featuring hand-drawn iconography and reimagined in bearding and embroidery, the perfect addition to the vibrant blues, reds and fuchsia tones that dominated this collection. What piece to better capitulate the love witch than a red silk dress, with built in bridal corset “I think that’s my favorite piece,” said Clio, “It’s quite frilly and over-the-top, and it shows a lot of thigh – it’s a piece that really reflects the contrasts in this collection.” While the red turned heads, it’s the blue that burns in my memory. The standout piece was the crackled, blue leather coat featuring two intertwined skeletons worn by Charlie Barker. It’s impossible to ignore the elephant in the room, the entire set including carpet and elaborately decorated table saturated in Millennial pink, the Internet’s favourite colour. At the table were mini meringues, lobsters, candles and tarot cards while rose petals lay scattered across the pastel carpet. It’s a stark contrast to the scrunched up posters and discarded disco ball of last season in the den of the love rat. 

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