Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Wearing: Thrifted dress and kimono, Asos flats and pom pom earrings from Strange Magic on Etsy.

Halloween is upon us and while others have watched scary movies and sipped on pumpkin spice lattes throughout the month of October, I've only managed to conjure this outfit loosely inspired by Eve from The Mummy (1999). It's also been a little warmer lately which means I'm stuck for ideas on chic outfits which won't disappear in a pool of my own sweat. I know that The Mummy is not a very scary film, in fact it's one I've seen before but I can't bring myself to watch anything too scary for fear of losing sleep, or worsening my anxiety. I haven't spoken at length about my mental health, but with the power of hindsight I now know that for the first time this year it's under control and there isn't a niggling fear in the back of my mind. Mindfulness, and mindfulness apps can make a massive difference if you incorporate them into your daily routine.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Not another update

Living on a sheep and cattle station in the middle of nowhere it's not possible to catch up with girlfriends over coffee. Consider this a vicarious coffee date and catch up, especially if you don't follow me on Instagram.

 1) I've been accepted to start my PhD in palaeontology with Swinburne University- and they've got my ass for the next eight years; 2) I've reopened my Etsy shop Strange Magic and started making pom pom earrings as well as greeting cards. That's it! The PhD is giving me a massive sense of fulfillment and I still pinch myself that I have the chance to do something so wildly ambitious and great for science. The Etsy shop reopened after getting constant urges to create zines, cards, earrings, etc. I'm having a lot of fun experimenting with new colour combinations and can't wait to introduce polymer clay charms and different designs, but for now I'm going to hold off creating new designs until I get some sales behind me. The earrings, as well as some pieces from my wardrobe are also available to buy on Depop.

Friday, October 27, 2017


Wearing: House of Holland dress, Marina Fini cactus earrings and Asos flats.

Although I enjoy the thrill of the chase and making purchases off eBay, Depop and on occasion, Etsy there are very few instances where after hanging up a new piece in my wardrobe I get a real rush of emotion. That's not to say my other purchases weren't worthwhile, but often they don't feel like missing parts of the puzzle. This dress with it's intricate bands of colour fits right in with the striped vintage skirt, Romance Was Born Pip and Pop archival pieces and Emma Mulholland embroidered bodysuit. It was slightly too warm to wear this for longer than 20 minutes but I can't wait until the weather gets cooler (failing that a trip home to Melbourne in December) to really road test this amazing archival piece. Yes, I've got a bit of a belly showing but my endgame has never been about wearing flattering clothing, I find I'm much more comfortable wearing something which feels authentic and suits my personality.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Rocket man

When I had originally created this post as a draft way back in August, the only thing in my head at the time was the rollicking beat of Rocket Man by Elton John. Now, not even a pop song is safe from the likes of Trump who has since appropriated the title was an insult to the leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un. Am I surprised by the move? Not really, but it does sting when politics seems to invade even the most seemingly unpolitical of accessories on a Chanel runway.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Katie Jones Spring 2017

Queen of crochet Katie Jones has been am advocate for all things handmade, and using recycled materials to create something new. The beauty of these pieces is that not only are they low impact on the environment and made by a team of incredibly gifted women but they're visually stunning too. It's been years since I've stepped out in my own crochet cardigan but I acquired that piece using sheer dumb luck, rather than skill. Another reason why it's stayed in my closet is because it's back at my parent's house, rather than being here with me in Winton but I digress. I'd love to be reunited with my favoured jacket, especially after fawning over the Katie Jones Spring 2017 lookbook. Entitled 'Pepperland', it's a different direction for Katie Jones and departure from the use of colourful recycled leather, pom poms and jelly sandals by Juju footwear. Black and white, as well as a penchant for geometric shapes and patterns is the main focus for Spring 2017 with cardigans paired with crochet bikinis, the latter are enjoying their moment in the sun (no pun intended).  

Monday, October 23, 2017

Double Denim

Wearing: Emma Mulholland bodysuit as top and thrifted jeans.

There's nothing better than a bargain and these brand new jeans cost all of $7 at my local op shop. What's even better were the coats I picked up for $2 each, including a large vinyl coat with a faux fur collar which reminds me so much of Shrimps. Despite somewhat warmer weather I had to commit the ultimate fashion sin, wearing denim on denim. Technically this bodysuit is made from lycra but it looks like denim and looks damn fine with these jeans. These jeans are getting an update with some silver fabric my boyfriend gave to me and hopefully there'll be photos of them soon. As long as the weather isn't too hot or humid, and I get my shit together and work on all the creative processes I have on my mind right now.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

How to survive working with your partner

There's a reason why office romances are sometimes more prevalent in some workplaces then others; it entirely depends on the work culture but when you work alongside someone day after day, you can get to know them. Working towards a common goal can bring people together, but it can also be incredibly difficult working alongside your romantic partner, and in some cases tear relationships apart. At the end of the day, that person has your best interests at heart, at home and at work. Hopefully there's a mutual understanding within the relationship that each party has an equal say, but at work that may not necessarily be the case. As with all things in life, keeping communication open is key and it is absolutely essential that you both have respect for one another.

Business partners
If you're in partnership with each other, then understand you have equal say when it comes to major decisions that will effect both parties in the short-term and long-term. It can be difficult to speak up, particularly for women who have chosen to work alongside and support their partner's business but if you've been at it for long enough, your partner should value your contributions and ideas. When you communicate with one another, it is important that you listen and try to understand where the other is coming from, it is not necessarily about making them see things your way.

If you find your partner is ignoring your input when it comes to making major decisions, tell them how this makes you feel or when the numbers are on your side, how this is hurting you financially. However, if this develops into a re-occurring pattern, you may need to seriously consider getting a job with another employer. Helping your partner is one thing, but if you find yourself stressed, frustrated and angry, and unable to enjoy their company at the end of the day you need to ask yourself what really matters the most.

Save for your retirement.
Say it with me, 'a man is not a financial plan'. If you're married, you may already have a joint bank account with your partner, contribute to mortgage repayments and share some other finances. That's fine, but no matter what your line of work I strongly urge every woman out there to make sure your retirement fund or superannuation account is growing, and that the types of investments made align with your social and moral codes. For example, you may not want to back a superannuation account which invests in coal-fired power stations and instead may look to renewable energy. If that's you, follow and support what you think is right but on the flip side, don't stay with a bad superannuation fund. I've worked as a casual in retail in the past and have been devastated to find out that REST sucked every single dollar from my account due to their fees. Needless to say, I will never sign up with REST every again!

I'm now in the unique situation where I work part-time on my partners sheep station, and also do my PhD part-time. Technically, I'm earning a very small amount, which is also why I've been diverting funds from my everyday account to a savings account. I'm only twenty-four, but by the time I'm sixty-five I hope to have enough money to retire. I don't want to rely solely on my super fund to do that, and trying to take matters into my own hands. I feel empowered, albeit a little broke at the moment but the safety and security is worth it! Again, if you share finances with your partner, have some different accounts e.g. a splurge account for disposable income, and a separate savings account in an emergency situation. If something were to happen to your partner, and their death was investigated the banks can and will freeze your accounts, and do little to help you pay your bills and groceries.

Divide and conquer. 
This isn't about breaking up, but rather my way of telling you that you have strengths and weaknesses that may or may not be different to those of your partner. While I could, for example learn how to put brake pads in a car, there really isn't any need for me to do so. I don't have the desire to learn, which isn't working in my favor but my partner knows how to do it. So while he's doing that, I can focus on something else which will ultimately contribute to the household or running the business. It can save a lot of time, headaches and in some cases, heartbreak when we focus on what we're good at, rather than getting hung up over what we don't understand.

It isn't acceptable to yell in the workplace.

Depending on your line or work, whether you're out doing a task or in the process of making a business decision there can be a lot of tension. Living in rural Queensland, I've heard anecdotally from neighbors about a man carrying on and behaving inappropriately at his only support, his wife. In response, she said coolly he could do it on his own if he was going to shout at her and walked out on him, for the afternoon that is. It shouldn't get to this, however studies show that couples typically treat each other with less civility than they would with a stranger. While this might seem counter intuitive, I can understand that within a relationship your standards can lapse and a harsh word can be spoken. I'm incredibly lucky to work with my boyfriend who remains calm and can see the funny side of just about every situation. However, I know stress can turn me into a monster, and often tell him at the start of a workday if I'm feeling anxious, how this might manifest and how to deal with the situation. Thankfully everything hasn't gone pear shape, but there will come a day when the strength of our working relationship will be tested.