Monday, September 4, 2017

Sailor Scout

Wearing: Vintage blouse, skirt and clutch by Shrimps, shoes and shirt collar from Asos.

If watching television during the 90s has taught me anything (which it has), it’s that a woman dressed in a collared blouse, tartan skirt and flats can totally kick ass. Sailor Moon was not only a television show that I watched as a kid to pass the time but something which has given me a sense of empowerment in my twenties. Often when I scroll through my Instagram feed and look at someone's account, there’s a lot of sameness going on. What works for many people is sticking to the same aesthetic, becoming comfortable using the same pose when posting a selfie which is all fine. But when you pigeon hole yourself, you limit what you stand for and who you are, which can be a massive disadvantage. I've found that continuing to experiment, change and evolve is a much more fruitful exercise.

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