Monday, September 18, 2017


Wearing: Thrifted kimono, Asos top, Romance Was Born leggings and Dr Martens boots.

You're either someone who wears leggings as pants, or you're not. During high school I was firmly against wearing leggings as part of our school uniform for sport. In fairness, Romance Was Born were just starting to experiment with digital printing, and I had no disposable income to purchase their incredible leggings. I have been checking Romance Was Born on eBay everyday for the past three years (at least) and managed to snag these amazing leggings for less than $50. It was so worth it- they're super comfortable and something I would love to wear to a festival! Harry my boyfriend thinks it's hilarious when I wear them though, as the koi design is on the front and back, with a large pair of fishy eyes printed squarely and firmly on my butt! A long shirt, duster jacket or kimono masks the print on the back quite nicely.

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