Sunday, September 17, 2017

Julia Sarr-Jamois

Supposedly, by age 23 girls have reached mental maturity and I guess for all intents and purposes settled into their identities (as compared to boys, who peak somewhere around the 25-27). That really sucks, because all I ever wanted to be was a woman working in an office, effortlessly pulling pieces together with an intuition for the next big thing. Many people who fit into this niche are fashion editors, and they don’t get much cooler than Julia Sarr-Jamois, a senior fashion editor at i-D and street style star within her own right. As someone who is so far removed from the world of fashion, both geographically and in terms of the workplace I find comfort in those kickass career women who seem to be the physical manifestation of their job. The embodiment of a style icon, she doesn’t just limit her work to that at i-D. She regularly contributes writing to Teen Vogue, Vogue Italia and Self Service, as well as working as a stylist in London. I’m somewhat exhausted just contemplating this woman’s very existence, but I’m so glad her star shines so bright as every outfit she’s spotted in is like a ray of sunshine during fashion week.

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