Saturday, September 9, 2017

Jeremy Scott Spring 2018

Jeremy Scott has just dropped his Spring 2018 collection and it's every bit street savvy, colourful and outrageous as one would expect. It's that very outrageousness, blurring into obnoxiousness that makes his clothing unwearable... or does it? When I think off the top of my head I can name a few street style stars who've been spotted wearing Jeremy Scott, and if you were to peruse eBay or Vestiaire Collective there's every indication that his clothes are being integrated into people's wardrobes. Both men and women have opened up their hearts (and wallets) to this maverick, and some simply can't wait to be snapped wearing his latest wears, or simply holding the latest silicone iPhone case. As weird and wonderful as his world might seem, dripping in sequins or referencing childhood nostalgia there is ultimately a certain charisma to what Jeremy Scott does, although you might not necessarily agree with it. It might surprise you to even learn that Scott has been at this for 20 years, that’s right, this rebel without a cause has managed to build a business in what has been economically volatile territory and thrived in that time. 

From an outsider who launched shows in Paris off-schedule to building a brand that has changed the face of runway casting. From celebrities to diversity, he’s brought it all to the table and it’s only now that some brands are seeking to jump on the bandwagon. There’s a reason why there’s a die-hard cult following who fawn over Scott, and it’s not the neon tones, deconstructed sweats, perfectly slouched cargo pants or over-the-knee combat boots which stole the hearts of many folks sitting front row side. No! It’s the active encouragement and mentality of fostering a clubhouse-like vibe, and deconstructing the notion that fashion is something for the privileged rich, skinny and famous, but rather a venture everyone is welcome to join. 

What do you make of a collection forged in the fire of nostalgia? While I was somewhat confused by the combination of camouflage and show-girl ruffles in an outfit which can only be described as something which was part GI Joe, part Victoria Secret Angel, among the noise there were some pieces which were clear standouts. Devon Aoki, a long-time muse of Scott launched the show in possibly the most sensational tinsel jacket, which has now jumped to the top of my list entitled NYE outfits. I was not as enthused by the oversized gems sprinkled on leather mini skirts and moto jackets, nor the skimpy rainbow cocktail dresses which closed the show. But as I mentioned earlier, there's something for everyone and while I might not be the person to invest in certain pieces there are pieces that appeal to me. On top of that, who can really rain on the parade of someone who has earned the reputation of a fashion luminary, breathed new life into a brand like Moschino or reminds us that the spirit of fashion is to live in the moment?

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