Friday, September 8, 2017

Ashley Williams Spring 2016

For countless seasons, fashion houses have taken their inspiration from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Few have been able to channel silhouettes and cuts from the 80s, and fewer still dare delve beyond that bygone era. Very few designers are informed by the popular culture and fashion from the 00s. It's still too raw, a little bit cringe-worthy but a new generation of designers, including British designer Ashley Williams have recognised its a virtually untapped resource filled with new energy. Inspired by Avril Lavigne and Emily the Strange came a flurry of red vinyl, skimpy bodysuits, diamante tiaras, horizontal stripes, fish nets, pink stilettos. Pencil-thin brows and exaggerated lips were the finishing touches to a uniform worn by the trashy, moody girls of Ashley Williams Spring 2016 collection. It came as a natural progression from her Fall 2015 collection, although slightly more exaggerated and bearing more attitude. You can imagine someone like Rihanna wearing a piece like this in New York, or Charli XCX in Ashley Williams for a world tour. Maybe even Destiny's Child would be able to pull off such a sassy look.

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