Thursday, August 10, 2017

Scarlet woman

Wearing: Poppy Lissiman sunglasses, Romance Was Born top, vintage leather shorts and Asos buckle flats.

I have no idea what kind of person I'll be in five years time, so it's pretty much pointless to rule out what my personal style will become in the future. However, it is very rare that you see me showing a lot of skin- although I will say there are a lot of great swimsuits and bikinis I would love to own, but could only justify purchases if I frequently holidayed. There comes a time when we as young girls begin to emulate and copy women aged in their twenties and thirties, and along with that comes a change in personal style. For some it's almost a right of passage, but I never experienced that kind of internal revolution although I will admit there were times I tried to push the envelope. But like most girls at age twelve, I would go shopping with my mother who I was financially dependent on and often she would have the final say in what clothes were bought. I'm beginning to wonder had I been able to take myself to thrift stores if things would have been different.

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