Saturday, August 26, 2017

Sadie Williams Spring 2017

Had David Bowie continued his exploration of all things glamorous and made of lurex, I’d like to think he might have worn something by Sadie Williams. I know, fate had other plans for the music legend but there are few fashion designers who can balance the glamorous with clean design. As always, primary colours were a big hit this season. However, there are other themes at play here, including the nautical world of sailing, with many of the visual elements for the Spring 2017 collection derived from maritime alphabet flags and other nautical codes. Presented at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in The Mall, there’s a strong sense that Sadie Williams has every woman in mind when she dreams up a collection. For spring, there’s a strong emphasis on the tomboy at heart, countered with a feminine sensibility. Take for example the fishnet stockings worn with sensible sneakers, further embellished with tiny torn ribbons. Or a khaki skirt, paired with a black hooded jacket. Think a tough seafarer who also enjoys drinking pina coladas on the beach.

In truth, there’s always been a cool, sporty side to everything Williams does, as always envisioned in primary colours but everything is kept in balance with slightly girly silhouettes. “I think it’s quite reflective of my style,” says Williams. She’s also recently been named as an addition to the Swarovski Collective. Through that sponsorship is the opportunity to evolve: “…through the Swarovski sponsorship this season, it’s gotten a bit elevated so I’ve got a more grown up character to it as well.” Rather than sticking to a statement necklace or bracelet, Williams opted for adding sparkle to her pieces whether it be an embellished bralette, basic white tee featuring knotted detailing or a bold graphics outlining a sailor collar. The earrings and necklace are there though, despite the cheery colour scheme smokey eye shadow makes the women who wear them seem all the more complex and fascinating.