Monday, August 14, 2017

Rare Bird

Wearing: Romance Was Born dress, Shrimps coat, Anna Davern earrings and Dr Martens boots.

It's the equivalent to my Sunday best- donning a slinky silk dress and a fur coat and some rather over the top, but still quite festive earrings. Like anyone in their Sunday best, comfortable shoes are a must and when all else fails I know I'll still feel like myself in a pair of Dr Martens. At times it feels like a cop out (surely there must be a more fabulous pair of shoes hiding somewhere in my closet!) and at other times it comes as a massive relief to instinctively reach for a pair of those leather boots, slip them on, and head out the door. The dichotomy between something a rich old lady would wear and shoes more typically associated with poor uni students is something I love to play with. I can see why Christopher Kane included the world's ugliest shoe as part of a runway presentation, to break rules and liberate others.

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