Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Wearing: Shrimps coat and skirt, Asos loafers, Aimee Fairman earrings and Against Me band shirt.

I wish I had work friendships like that of Leandra Medine and Amelia Diamond. Watching them in conversation gives me utter glee, so when watching a promotional video posted to Youtube promoting what I think was actually sunglasses, I was really struck by something Amelia said. "I just want a really delicious winter coat, you know, something decadent". I'm loosely paraphrasing here but ever since first hearing those words I've been driven by a slight obsession to collect and hoard an assortment of really fancy winter coats. I've taken the first step in making my consumption-driven dreams a reality with the purchase of this beautiful second-hand Shrimps coat. As one would expect from Shrimps the fur is faux, and even the coat lining (something hidden to everyone but the wearer) is the richest shade of green you could imagine. I've absolutely fallen in love, despite my boyfriend's skepticism regarding the quality of the wool. He does hold some authority on the matter as someone who has lived and worked on a sheep station in the outback, farming merino sheep for their wool.


  1. cute outfit. hope its not too cold for frilly socks:) i decided to order a pair

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