Monday, July 24, 2017

Tropical Paradise

Wearing: Asos tropical dress and wool coat, Loewe elephant purse and Dr Martens boots.

Lately I've just been exhausted. While I would love to say it's because I've been up late writing a book, conducting research or editing visual content for the blog unfortunately it isn't anywhere near as glamorous as that. Work has been absolutely hectic and I've just finished working my sixth day straight, starting in the afternoon and finishing in the evening. Too tired to properly look after myself I had a late supper and eventually retired for the evening, having an early morning shower to shake off the working week. Thankfully I have one more solid week at work before things slowly start to settle down and return to a state of normality. Although it wasn't the best time of day to take photos, I relished in the idea of throwing on this outfit after having done my nails, walking down to the bakery to buy a morning coffee. I'll also happily admit that the evening before I treated myself to a glass of wine while eating leftovers from a work function!

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