Saturday, July 8, 2017


Wearing: Asos coat and blouse, Romance Was Born skirt and Dr Martens boots.

In the depths of Winter I'm taking some small comfort in an ensemble that loosely resembles a school uniform. In hindsight it hasn't really been that cold, a little bit chilly in the mornings but warm in the afternoons. When I'm in the mindset to wear layers, any old excuse will do and what better starting point than this lovely second hand coat. I was thinking of changing the buttons in order to give it the ol' razzle dazzle but it's lovely as it is but what I love most is the shape. Once it starts to lose it's charm I'm not ruling out a revamp, as I'd love to try my hand at some Delpozo level embellishment but perhaps starting with outerwear is a little too ambitious on my part... Contrasting hot pink coloured sequins or crystal beads draped from the sleeves might be on the cards, but only time will tell what the future holds!