Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Wearing: Asos collar, Romance Was Born bomber jacket, jeans were a gift, Loewe elephant bag and Asos shoes.

The Loewe elephant bag has become somewhat of a worldwide phenomenon and cult status symbol, so you can only imagine my excitement when Dumbo arrived in the mail. Beautifully crafted from leather in the most gorgeous shade of yellow, what I love about it aside from colour is the shape and form. There are probably a million other women who have the same purse, possibly even the new tartan edition but I still feel like my elephant has character. Reading through one fashion blogger's archive I was struck by the simplicity of the succinct manta,
“If it doesn’t sparkle, don’t buy it.” While it was used with the intention of referring to things which actually sparkle, see sequins, tinsel and metallic thread for me it's taken on metaphorical meaning. Sparkle doesn't necessarily mean that which is bright, but simple that which has spirit. Take the bomber jacket for example, when I put it on it feels like I'm channeling positive energy.

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