Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Tsumori Chisato Fall 2016

 All that glitters is not gold, but it’s definitely fashionable and at times, eccentric. Larger than life diamonds have made recent appearances at Gucci, emblazoning those plush and thick fur coats and Tsumori Chisato also chose to make diamonds her muse for Fall 2016. Rather than a form of embellishment, Fall 2016 was an examination of the refraction of white light, and its separation into the visible spectrum of colour. A maximalist approach to colour and texture resulted in shaggy sweaters with paintbrush streaks, diamonds sprinkled on jacquard coats and multi-coloured fur scarves, paired with ombre tights and highly conceptual footwear. Accompanying the mad clothes were equally adventurous accessories, take for example the oversized diamond earrings (which if you’re a fan or familiar with artist Rosy Nicholas, you’d also appreciate). Made from metal the jewellery was in stark contrast to the more subtle pieces, with honourable mention to the diamond-shaped lacework worn as either a detachable crochet collar or petticoat. 

 The lavish presentation was photographed in none other than the Belle Epoque salons, lending an air of gravitas to the clothes while firmly remaining folksy. The long yarn fringes and saccharine colour palette gave the clothes a child-like and very playful tone, as is always the case with Tsumori Chisato. However, the statement outerwear, surely something the style aristocrats would be crying out for (especially in the lead up to fashion week) remains very grown up. One can only hope some of the more niche and conceptual pieces would also make an appearance once in a while, if only to brighten up the day and add a little bit of unexpected sparkle to the event. 

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