Saturday, June 3, 2017

Sadie Williams Fall 2017

As brightly coloured as a children’s play rug, with the glamor and metallic of Ziggy Stardust, that’s the aesthetic of Sadie Williams. A pioneer of bright fabric more akin to aluminium foil made all the more shiny and sparkly when paired with silver. Geometric shapes and stripes were used to create a mish-mash of reds, whites, blues and yellows with knitwear and coats being the show standouts. A collaboration with Converse has seen their trademark high top sneakers paired with everything from mustard coloured velvet trousers to the grey woollen coat made more lively with the addition of sequin patches. Even the humble hoodie was given a glamorous upgrade in sequins. After earning the British Fashion Council’s Newgen sponsorship, it’ll be interesting to see what Williams does next and if she ever departs from her trademark colour palette and fabrics to experiment with new ideas. 

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