Monday, June 19, 2017

Naomi Shimada

If my blog has been missing anything within recent months, it’s been the warmth of model and activist Naomi Shimada. Prolific on Instagram and bringing her own unique take on style to London Fashion Week, she proves that we as women are so much more than our bodies. Her personal style reflects the warmth and compassion with which she meets everyday life. Whether it’s Marques Almeida, Nike activewear, neon or Issey Miyake there’s something very rebellious about the manner in which she carries herself. If you haven’t watcher her interview with Stylelikeu, I would strongly recommend you do so. Her philosophy on clothes, as well as travel and letting go have stayed with me since I first heard her words. The more we recognise women like Shimada, as well as the fact that women’s weight does fluctuate the more kind we can be to ourselves and each other. 

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