Saturday, June 17, 2017

Lydia Bolton

There are several rites of passage we choose to journey upon when on the bumpy road to adulthood. For many, nothing is more sacred than prom night, but there are those among us not content to fit within the cookie cutter mould. For the mavericks brave enough to bend and break the rules, Cheltenham born Lydia Bolton is their tracksuit-wearing champion, with her graduate collection, ‘The Girl Who Wore Tracksuit To Prom’ a celebration of her love for sportswear, driven by her natural curiosity. For example, how far can you push a tracksuit, before it becomes you would wear to a party and impractical at a sporting event? Unsure of what her aesthetic was during her time at Kingston University, it became clear that the best things in life are those that we are truly invested in. For Bolton, it’s what’s fun and a design aesthetic not driven by trends or what other designers are concerned with.

With the initial design concept of decorative tracksuits being quite spur of the moment, Bolton then took to experimenting with stand work, the starting point for her design process. With an already impressive collection of tracksuits, it was only a matter of before she bought some prom dresses off eBay and combined them, contrasting high collars and long sleeves with frou frou ruffles and gargantuan bows. Testing the shapes and silhouettes allowed the young creative to push herself and develop even more exciting things. The result were a series of silky satin tracksuits in pastel tones, embellished in bows and worn with custom-made hoop earrings. Sporty details were added during the final design phase, including the all-important logo and embroidered panels down the side of the tracksuit legs. Who knows what she’ll do next, but it’s inevitable that her curiosity will lead Bolton into the fashion industry, and hopefully launch her own label.

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