Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Winter is Coming

Wearing: Thrifted scarf, Discount Universe shirt, thrifted velvet dress and Dr Martens boots.

It's finally happened- the mercury has dipped and I for one could not be more excited because it can only mean one thing. Layers, layers and more layers! Dresses worn as skirts, jackets galore and scarves slathered on like Tom Baker's Dr Who. I also have some new clothes and knitted pieces I bought whilst in Townsville to try out (which can only be a good thing, and is only adding to my excitement). The knitted scarf is one of two I bought whilst at Lifeline for one dollar each, and the red velvet dress was a purchase made at Salvos for $7. Whilst I had contemplated making a haulternative video, I don't really have the time and would much prefer to slowly incorporate those pieces into my day to day outfits. You won't be seeing the fluffy pink dressing gown I bought for a DIY project (my boyfriend has already stolen it). 

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