Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Ruffle some feathers

Wearing: Vintage blouse, thrifted skirt, Dr Martens boots and thrifted earrings.

One of the most difficult things to digest about me, other than ambitions of being palaeontologist and researcher is probably the weird, and at times confronting things which inhabit my wardrobe. For whatever reason find the loudest most colourful (or in this case, textured) garment on the rail and instantly fall in love. That was certainly the case for this skirt, with it's many pleats and polka dots bought at Lifeline (or was it Endeavour?) in Townsville for $10. It was actually part of the costumes section for the second hand shop, but a quick glance at the label suggested otherwise. The print and frills reminds me a lot of Romance Was Born, but also Tata Naka who specialise in at times extreme clothes stitched together for the sole purpose of excitement and fun. That's exactly how I felt when I put this skirt on this morning (and although the soon wore off after about three hours of sitting down at my desk), as well as the earrings. What kind of girl wears something so crazy? Is she an off-duty flamenco dancer? Or perhaps an over the top and enthusiastic dance instructor. Who knows, but one things for certain, she certainly knows how to have a good time.

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