Thursday, May 11, 2017

Look Good, Feel Good

Wearing: Thrifted coat, patch by Ashley Ronning, vintage blouse, thrifted scarf, earrings from etsy, jeans were a gift and Sophia Webster boots.

The very wise Australian beauty editor Zoe Foster-Blacke once said 'spend five more minutes in the mirror', when pressed on her secret to looking good and feeling better. But it was her relationship with clothing that really stuck with me, in particular her love for bright pink lipstick or a pink jumper when feeling in a rut. So in a bid to channel my inner Zoe Foster-Blake (because there's no way I'd ever be a beauty editor!) I gathered all the pink things in my wardrobe, and threw it together. I'm actually a bit chuffed about the results, although the ill-fitting and at times very wrinkly skinny jeans leave a lot to be desired. I am also no closer to covering this woolen coat with patches bought online but it's versatility actually came in handy today. The question still remains, will the coat be a fixture in my wardrobe once it is fully transformed? There's only one way to find out.

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