Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Ultimate Fashion Handbook: Farfetch's Style Guide

Often we look to others for style inspiration, but where do we look to get our daily fashion fix and inspiration from? Instagram can be useful, but scrolling through my feed each morning delivers a mixed bag of ideas. The best fashion moments are obviously during New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Week but what about the rest of the year? Youtube is becoming increasingly popular, but ads often get in the way of really enjoying content produced by vloggers and it can be hard to find bloggers with truly unique style. There are others, but Pinterest doesn't feel very relatable and is it just me or is Bloglovin' the fashion equivalent to clickbait with some hidden pearls of wisdom.

Where can we go to seek inspiration? Farfetch have come to the rescue, launching their hotly anticipated Style Guide, something far from your traditional instruction manual on pulling off trend. It's a community, where like-minded people can go to immerse themselves in the latest fashion news and remain one step head of the trend.
More than just a site to look to for inspiration, The Style Guide is an exhaustive and comprehensive library split into five handy categories. 

Collaborations features interviews with some of the world's  busiest and foremost bloggers, giving us insight into the lives of men and women from across the world, all with a very unique and definitive sense of style.

Destination Style is perfect for the intrepid globetrotter, who wants to know what to wear across different holiday destinations and what the locals are wearing for that time of year.

'How To' guide is a fashion handbook on everything from cocktail rings and my personal favourite, what to wear at work, no matter what your occupation- whether your based in an office or work in the studio.

If other people's personal style is what you crave, you can always look through trends from red carpet events, fashion icons and legacy of designers such as Yves Saint Laurent from Icons and Influencers.

Trends and Subcultures includes everything from how to wear the block heel ankle boot to what style lessons we should  from Sex and the City (I'm definitely a Carrie, especially when it comes to shoes).

Full of interesting and thought-provoking social commentary on trends,
how to break the rules and work within the boundaries there's something for everyone who lives and breathes fashion. With more articles to come I can almost guarantee The Style Guide will be one of your favourite sites to visit in 2017.

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