Monday, April 10, 2017

On the move

Wearing: Vintage Levi's denim shorts, pom pom jacket, blouse and shoes from Asos.

You won't be seeing that cream wall anymore. The outfit posts on that mushroom coloured carpet will cease to exist from this point onward. That's right folks, after living with a Winton local who soon became my surrogate mother (for the best possible reasons) I've moved house, out of her spare bedroom and into a work mates place but also, more excitingly with my boyfriend! To celebrate the occasion I had to throw on this bright and heavily textured jacket- it's like wearing a hug all day long. I can't promise too many outfit posts taken when I stay in town but my doting partner Harry has a beautiful garden. Hopefully there'll be flowers in bloom year round to compete with equally bright outfits. I'm also super excited by the gargantuan closet space that he's bestowed upon me (gotta love a man who himself doesn't splash out on clothes but encourages his lady to follow it if it makes her happy!)

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