Friday, April 21, 2017

Mimi's World

Wearing: Diy top and Jeans were a gift.

It took three months for this outfit to come into being. Let me explain- Harry being Harry and having the innate sense to see when an object has potential handed me several homemade, vintage style dresses. One of the dresses had puffed cap sleeves, was maxi length, featured white lace and was purple with white polka dots. Even the maximalist in me was shaking in fear, how could one possibly wear such a dress and still pull it off! Enter the figure-hugging, tongue-in-cheek designs of Central Saint Martins graduate (and former model) Mimi Wade. While I am still utterly desperate to get my hands on any piece from her the dress had potential to be reincarnated as a fun and vibrant top. In my mind I envisioned long sleeves but that would require a lot of extra work and as already mentioned I struggled with even the most basic of sewing techniques. It's all been worthwhile though, and I still have a lot of fabric from the skirt of this dress for future projects.  

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