Friday, April 14, 2017

Home Sweet Home

Wearing: Vintage dress, Acne Studios stole and Ashley Williams x Red or Dead kitten heels.

Life has been absolute chaos as of late. In between getting my research application submitted, moving house and being swamped at work I somehow managed to find time to get dressed properly and road test these Ashley Williams kitten heels. Little did I know when I bought them that the soles of these shows had a surprise on the bottom! Embossed on the sole is a mantra every self-respecting woman should aspire to "Kick Ass". Needless to say my boyfriend was in shock (after all, they were his Valentine's Day gift to me!) *insert tears of joy emoji*. His sister's reaction was even better though. The Acne Studios stole has also perfect for those slightly chilly mornings until it warms up in the mid-afternoon. Wrapping it round my shoulders also makes me feel like less of a slob and the act of drinking tea while studying slightly more luxurious (but in all honesty still difficult). 

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