Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Dragon Lady

Wearing: Discount Universe long sleeve top, thrifted cheongsam dress and Dr Martens boots.

I think the last time I wore this dress my hair was, in places, a disgusting shade of orange (I'm a third wave feminist allowed to indulge in a little self-loathing, right?) but it feels good to wear this cheongsam again. I still can't believe I picked it up at an op shop for $10 something which will surely never happen again given my current geographic location. On the bright side I might be able to squeeze in a little thrift store shopping when Harry and I head off to Townsville but at the moment eBay has been my Achille's heel. There have been so many good bargains and unfortunately very little self-restraint on my part but I'm looking forward to trying to hustle as hard as I can this next month. That means plenty of outfit posts to look forward to!


  1. this is such a look omg. Love all of the pieces individually but together they work so well!

  2. Only u could make this amazing mix!