Wednesday, April 19, 2017

4 shoes to buy in 2017

If your new year’s resolution for this year was to stop paying too much money on clothes stop reading. The following may prove hazardous to your goals and ambitions, but for the rest of the world, us gals feeling somewhat lost on what the year’s biggest trends will be- listen up! Stiletto heels are going to be big this year and there are four key styles you should invest in for the year, sure to add a spring in your step and a glamorous touch to every outfit. 

The Statement Boot 

 You know the ones I’m talking about, the drop dead gorgeous pair of shoes that have you head over heels at the first unboxing and I have just the perfect pair in mind. Why not be a little daring with these lippy black boots, the perfect pair to wear with a little black dress or boyfriend jeans for those who want to keep it casual. 

The Cinderella Shoe 

Forget glass slippers, the barely there stiletto heel has become the ultimate shoe for black tie events and galas. This ultra chic pair are something I’ve searched high and lo across the kingdom for- there are similar styles online that retail for £425 (ouch!) but these heels are a pair that won’t break the bank. 

The Fringed Heels 

 These shoes are something I wanted to buy desperately towards the end of 2016, in either black or coral red. I love the tassel across the toe strap, it adds texture to any outfit and again are ideal for wearing on those lazy Sundays with a cream knit sweater, pair of jeans and red lipstick. Sometimes, the simple things in life are the best. 

The Bow Ankle Stiletto 

Another shoe I adored last year, ideal for those who love bright lipstick and making a bold statement. They’re also perfect for those are busily attending a number of weddings this year, the beige is beautiful and are sure to match with whatever dress you choose to wear as a wedding guest. If you prefer something a little more simple, be sure to check out the other stiletto styles at fsjshoes

If you’re a thinking of heading off to a music festival (and Coachella is just the beginning ladies and gentlemen) you can’t go past a pair of gladiator shoes. For those who love getting as close to the music stage as possible, flats are a must but for those who love to dress up there are a number of stiletto gladiator sandals too!

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  1. Wow the first boots are fantastic and I love all the shoes in this post!