Thursday, March 9, 2017

Vivetta Spring 2017

From the get go Vivetta has wowed its audiences with ultra dainty and super feminine outfits combining the best of bold colors, highly illustrative embellishment and a penchant for pink and florals. Their Spring 2017 collection was no exception, at times showing restraint with long dresses inspired by sailors whilst other pieces were more like three-dimensional, highly decorative pieces of artwork. The latter demonstrated both technique and flair in a more is more approach. It’s those frothy concoctions of organza, silk, rhinestones, and brocade thrown together that make me really question why girls ever want to leave their fairy tale and princess phase. The answer, of course, is that young girls want to grow up and emulate the women in their own lives as well as figures from pop culture. I fail to see why a smart phone may be considered more glamorous than any one of these highly embellished and simply breath-taking dresses, but I digress. If you too look to fashion as a way to transcend the menial tasks of day to day life, look no forward than the faintly fairy tale inspired Spring 2017 collection. You're pretty much guaranteed to fall in love.

Inspired by the notion of fairy tales, Vivetta takes us on a journey through a children’s picture book where we are able to consume colorful garb inspired by different countries and eras of various shapes and silhouettes. While this is charming at first and I love the elaborate Japanese motifs that snake down the body of one of the sheer dresses, I’m not entirely comfortable with the Japanese inspired silken pajamas. More specifically, the inclusion of frog closure buttons just didn’t sit well with me. I’ve always looked to Vivetta as a brand which really celebrated Italian sensibilities, whilst also delivering clothes that gave women a sense that they would be rulers of a magical kingdom. Milan Fashion Week’s highlights for me are Prada, Miu Miu and Vivetta, as each of these houses present without fail collection which are incredibly visual that also empower the wearer. Unfortunately, I now feel like I have reassess Vivetta’s collections as well as their core values, as this is clearly not a brand which has women like me in mind. That is to say, this is not a brand which considers the viewpoint of multi-racial women who are also interested in fashion. 

Racially fueled grievances aside, the highlights of the collection were the elaborate yet incredibly delicate silk dresses encrusted with crystals and rhinestones. If there’s one thing Vivetta do well it’s add quirk charm to traditional, feminine pieces. A strength is the ability to contrast pieces which are strong and solid in design with those which are slightly more whimsical and in some cases, downright magical. One can only imagine what it would feel like to see the clothes in person floating down the street at say Milan Fashion Week and the more and more I think about it the more frustrated I become with my own isolation. Evening dresses inspired by ancient French tapestries were just one of the many pieces that seemed to exist somewhere between reality and a fairy tale. These clothes could easily be the garb of inhabitants of magical kingdoms, with all their precious details and embellishments.

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