Saturday, March 11, 2017

Viktor & Rolf at NGV



Where has the time gone? It's already the middle of March, I'm moving house at the end of this month and I still haven't posted photos taken around Christmas time from when I was back in Melbourne! Fortunately everyone I talk to seems to be in the same boat where the days just aren't long enough to cram everything in. I digress, during the break I went to see the Viktor & Rolf Fashion Artists Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria in the company pf my beautiful mum. Admittedly, I'm not the biggest Viktor & Rolf- they're not designers who I look to for inspiration but it was wonderful to see so many iconic works curated in a chronological order. From the moment you first walk in, to see their graduate collection which then effectively launched their career was really something. The three-dimensional portrait dresses were great, but using the concept of a Matryoshka doll and using it to create a capsule collection layered one after the other isn't something I had ever seen before.

I found this to be so much enjoyable than the last fashion exhibition at NGV as everything was spaced, the kids activity section was so amazing and the information on each of those plaques were so insightful. The clothes were also much more engaging, a sight to behold from every angle I found obsessively snapping photos from multiple angles and focusing on the finer details. Specifically the tulle dresses and gargantuan oversized bows in pastel shades of pink. They in particular satisfied my inner magpie and insatiable hunger for embellishment, something which people seldom consider in their everyday outfits.

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