Thursday, March 23, 2017

now let's get in formation

The benefits of women hanging out, and exercising together in a group is obvious. There's a gentle peer pressure that helps guide you- on a Sunday afternoon you could decide to kick your feet up and binge on Netflix. But if you had already made plans to see girlfriends, you'll inevitably walk out the door and by the end of whatever activity you'll feel so much better for it. I've always wanted to be a skater, as a kid I loved the aesthetic but the sense of being tough and doing something which requires so much skill. The amount of bruises I collected when snowboarding taught me that lesson well, and now at age 23 I feel like it's not too late to get out there, have a go and enjoy the outdoors. That journey seems so much more magical through the lens of a film-maker like Olivia Wilde who directed the Red Hot Chili Peppers video clip to 'Dark Necessities'. That track was like cocaine to me last year, I listened to it on repeat, semi-religiously and the thing that really drew me in was not the music so much as the girls. They laughed together and nursed their wounds and in doing so formed a sisterhood of bad ass women who above all were confident in their own bodies and abilities. 

Natalie Westling, the face of Vans and red-haired maven with a love for skating also oozes the same confidence and whose existence is a general middle finger to the patriarchy. If you yourself are interested in skating, or better yet want to get a group of girlfriends together to try the activity Kick Push Skate have some great gear. They've also got a whole section in their online shop dedicated to women's march so be sure to check that out too.

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  1. this whole skater style has been my FAVE rn I'm so glad it's back