Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Less I know the better

Wearing: Verner silk top and thrifted corduroy pants.

Hello, is that winter on the line?  Are you on your way or just taking your sweet time, leaving me in a pool of my own sweat?

It's become the never-ending joke on my blog, when will summer end and when will I be able to (comfortably) start wearing layers? Some patchy rain has delivered cooler weather and with that the chance to wear proper trousers. These beauts were bought at an op shop and for a while I thought they couldn't be worn with anything in my wardrobe. Wrong! They beautifully match, in a very off-kilter fashion this silk printed jumper by Verner. The print is somewhat reminiscent of those amazing costumes from Tame Impala's video clip "The less I know the better" directed by the Spain-based collective CANADA. Admittedly the female lead has better hair than me but I'm not too fussed- this piece is one of those magical items in my wardrobe which instantly lifts my mood and brings a smile to my face.

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