Monday, March 27, 2017

Grey is such a happy color

Wearing: Thrifted coat (patch by Ashley Ronning), Sophia Webster boots, H&M top and jeans were a gift.

I pulled this outfit together the night before, way past my bed time and I was so excited to wear it I took these photos early the next morning- which is why I have chronic-tired face. Despite the amount of grey I feel like with the boots it's a pretty happy outfit that is a little more chic than what you'd expect from me. I guess you should know by now to expect the unexpected, case in point my shirt. I know H&M are an evil, unethical brand who have time and time again stolen designs from freelance artists and other designers but the top was another item given to me by my mum and truth be told it's become a staple. It's the perfect top to throw on after having a shower, it's ultra lightweight and I don't need to think about what I'm wearing after the shirt goes on. I simply can't bring myself to donate it to a charity shop for those sentimental reasons and I'm having a grey moment. Again, aother vain attempt to trick myself into believing cold weather is coming soon.

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