Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Girls Skate Australia

Anyone with two, perfectly working eyeballs could tell you there is a gender imbalance within sport, and skating is sadly no exception. It's ridiculous to think men may be considered innately better at some activities than women but it's all too common to see the stereotype be perpetuate. Girls Skate Australia aims to close the gap between the representation of female skaters and their male counterparts by pushing for equality within the skateboarding world and welcome women and young girls. It's not just a collective, but rather a movement  which aims to empower a new generation of female skaters and support one of the fastest growing demographics in action sports. 

Team sports are one of the best ways to improve fitness, and I can think of nothing more badass than a group of women getting together and hitting the pavement. It's through such experience that lifelong friendships can be forged, and a supportive community is fostered. Imagine what it would be like for young girls to see that kind of visibility, on the streets, at showcases and media outlets. This is part of GSA's mission to empower women and increase their sense of individuality and confidence through skateboarding.

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