Thursday, March 16, 2017

Face your Fears

Wearing: Discount Universe top, Marina FINI choker necklacer, Cotton On shorts and Dr Martens boots.

I must admit I was somewhat reluctant to hit that publish button and share this outfit online, since it is so different from my last outfit post which was a stunning vintage gown. This too has a certain sparkle but is more edgy, made by Melbourne-based label Discount Universe. Like many of my clothes, it was bought second hand and is a size XL but I love the sleeves feeling loose whilst also having the weight of sequins behind them. In my mind I wanted to wear jeans but they're just too skinny and these shorts have been a staple during the summer months although I don't always feel super glamorous wearing them! This Friday (and hopefully next Friday) I'll be posting looks as part of the Try-day Friday campaign initiated by Dia&Co. and facing my fashion fears. It's a good exercise if you feel like you're in your own head too much and stressing about fashion, rather than going with the flow and simply having fun.

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