Friday, March 24, 2017

Blue Waves

Wearing: Acne Studios wrap, vintage coat and Asos skirt.

This Try-day Friday ( a campaign
by Dia&Co.) a I'm debuting something very special- this amazing wool stole by Acne Studios (the first time someone's been happy to receive acne!) All jokes aside the graphic pieces from this designer are usually at the top of my wish list, but my poor moth ridden wallet simply can't cope. This was a spur of the moment purchase made on eBay, which will be the death of me but I love the raw edges and how many different ways I can wear this piece. It also made me want to stitch this tiny wooden bead of a tiger onto my lapel as a pin (and I'm 98% I managed to pull this look off). I'm still not loving the warm weather and the sweat mustaches I have been rocking at work but otherwise everything is coming along nicely. Temperatures are slowly starting to dip and hopefully I will once again by wrapped up in layers, cuddled up in bed on those cold mornings and creating mad but wonderful outfits. I'm envisioning beanies worn with this lovely wool wrap and disguising bad hair days with outrageous headwear.

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