Friday, February 24, 2017

Shrimps Spring 2017

It strikes me as odd that one of the most hotly anticipated brands to show at London Fashion Week, Shrimps, favoured by darlings of the street style world is not reviewed by writers for Surely, someone as influential as Hannah Weiland has proven that although she's not an established designer (yet), she's no longer an emerging designer. There are certainly collections which have demonstrated less technique, had very little to no originality which has nonetheless received rave reviews from the fashion community. Perhaps I'm being a little bit biased, but it honestly does frustrate me when talent is not recognised and designers which represent women as the complex and multi-faceted beings that they are, are quashed in place of some tone deaf and archaic brand. Angry rant aside, the Shrimps Spring 2017 collection captures the not so serious side of fashion, as well as Weiland's foray into more lightweight fabrics. 

Upon the launch of the first Shrimps Resort collection, there seemed to be serious concern as to how the brand would survive without heavily relying on faux fur scarves, clutches and their ubiquitous fur coats. Fortunately, as we can see with their current season, faux fur isn't the only thing Shrimps do well, although admittedly there are certainly similarities between the dresses and coats. For example, the silhouettes largely remain the same, you'll notice that the hemlines of the dresses sit just above the knee, and at times feature slightly enlarged peter pan collars. While her designs cover much of the body, Weiland has counterbalanced this modesty with some cleverly chosen and incredibly detailed silk dresses. They too, like her previous collections, feature hand drawn and highly illustrative designs. Although Weiland did not collaborate with shoe designer Sophia Webster her ultra feminine designers were paired with the super functional Converse sneaker.

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