Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Shrimps Resort 2017

Shrimps as a brand shows no signs of slowing down, I couldn’t be happier. Since first appearing on the backs of British IT girls in 2014 Hannah Weiland has continued to deliver stunning whimsical designs with the Resort 2017 collection taking inspiration from nostalgia. This seems rather unsurprising, given that ‘Shrimps’ was Weiland’s nickname, in actual face a very English pet name which gives us insight into what makes the brand tick. In order to create designs which were both indistinct and spontaneous, much like children’s drawings, Weiland based the collection on drawings she did subconsciously whilst in office meetings or those rare quiet moments. The results are gold moons, blue horses and crown motifs appearing on embroidered sweaters and bags with the more abstract doodles applied to the lining of every garment. 

Luxurious embellishments, such as crystal stars dotted fur collars while contrasting trims to her signature faux fur coats came in pastel shades from pink to baby blue. Art is another great influence on Weiland’s work, with her study in the history of art leading her to reference artist Paula Rego as well as Matisse’s cut outs, which decorated cropped faux fur jackets and knitwear. “I thought to myself, ‘You can’t reference Matisse’ again, but I love his work so much, it’s so varied in shapes and colors,” said Weiland. The inclusion of more sleek and streamlined pieces, such as straight-leg trousers and culottes which create synergy between the fun side of Shrimps and sophistication. “Our customer age range is very varied, so I wanted the collection to have a more sophisticated, chic element to it. I love contrasting fun elements with chicness,” added the designer.

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