Monday, February 6, 2017

NGV: Common Ground

We are all inevitably and unconsciously influenced by those around us. There is a common thread connecting various bodies of work, whether they be literary, scientific or artistic. Common Ground, a new exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria examines the similarities between works of art and design. The exhibition is anchored by five central themes - the urban, natural, masculine, anthropomorphic and time, with each theme carefully chosen to reflect that the ideas, materials and mediums overlap between creative disciplines. It draws on the gallery's rich archive of photography, prints, drawings and puts them within a new context to be understood and enjoyed for new audiences. Visually stunning, it was the modern pieces which initially drew me in, with an oversize Chanel handbag screaming at me from across the room. It acted as the entry point to the small exhibition, fulfilling my longing to consume pastel colour palettes and a carefully curated space.

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