Saturday, February 4, 2017

In Defense of Berets

Man Repeller asked the question: can you wear a beret without looking like an a-hole? Penned by founder of Man Repeller, Leandra Medine, she came to the conclusion no, not really. The following post is more of an open discussion on berets, and I'd like to think you are all intelligent enough to come to your own conclusion. 

The following sartorial moments will help guide your interpretation as to whether berets are, the high fashion statement piece Alessandro Michele has lead us to believe they are, a constituent of Halloween costumes (and Halloween costumes) or better left alone.

According to Leandra, "I looked much better before putting the hat on, even better after taking the hat off, but never particularly cool with it actually perched atop my head."

Exhibit A: Leandra wears an outfit inspired by the goddess and celestial being, Chloƫ Sevigny and recreated using clothing which she already owned. If you're wondering which outfit she had hoped to emulate, look no further than this street style photo captured in New York.

Part of the reason why this worked has to do with Ms. Sevigny's previous collaborations with Opening Ceremony, where in 2013, at New York Fashion Week models wore berets in muted-tones. Her fall collection was inspired by the spunk of the
’60s-style and insolent behavior leading to major protest movements.

Speaking of 1960s-inspired style, who better to show us how to style these divisive hats than stylist and authority on berets, Shirley Kurata. Stylist for Rodarte as well as Lena Dunham, Shirly a has very distinctive aesthetic, able to effortlessly combine vintage and new to create her signature mod secretary style.

I guess it's a misconception that those who wear berets are pseudo-intellects, who may or may not be overly picky eaters. These accessories may also be worn by gifted but often troubled children, case in point Max Fischer and Suzy Bishop, protagonists from Wes Anderson's Rushmore (1998) and Moonrise Kingdom (2012).

Even the opening scenes of The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) features a beret, although there is no dialogue the coordination between trench coat and beret are as powerful as the story-telling.

But let's not forget where this furor started, Alessandro Michele is the mastermind behind this and as Leandra put it "Gucci say, monkey do". We are all the monkey in that analogy.

We've seen berets transform outfits from shabby to chic, basic to inspired by Gossip Girls' Blair Waldorf, but can they also be sexy? Amy Roiland, better known as A Fashion Nerd seems to suggest that sophistication and berets are not mutually exclusive. Her outfits and eyewear certainly make a strong case for the seductive poer of berets, but I'll let you be the judge of that.

Personally, I think it all boils down to personal style. If you feel uncomfortable or pretentious wearing a beret, than it will show. If however you happen to ooze confidence then congratulations! You'll probably look like a boss, and have people scratching their heads asking themselves how you do it.
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  1. dude, i just got a new beret and was basically thinking this hahahahah. you're definitely right when saying if you feel uncomfortable, then you'll look it. I will try to look confident when i wear it lol