Monday, January 23, 2017

Women's March

I feel so much gratitude to the wonderful people who marched to show their support for women’s rights and human rights in the women’s marches which happened all over the world on the weekend. Thank you to all of the women who marched, and that includes trans women, women of colour, black women, disabled women, women with mental illness, women with mobility aids and everyone who identifies as a woman. 

Thank you to the people of colour, trans men, the children and men that marched with them; showing solidarity with their sisters turning Washington DC, Los Angeles, New York, London and cities all around the world. Living in a small town, but still able to scroll through my Instagram feed I was filled with such hope and energy, I felt connected to other people in a way that was so amazing and totally unexpected. 

The road ahead seems dark, the queer community and LGBTI are faced with a president who refuses to recognise their identities, and to a greater extent, their fundamental human rights. The events of last weekend aren’t inconsequential, but simply Day One of a fight for human rights which is set to last for the next four years. There were literally millions of people who participated in the march, and some amazing, clever picket signs with even more clever outfits including bedazzled vagina suits, pink pantsuits and clitoris shirts. 

There was also one standout accessory, the pink knitted pussycat hats. If you’re keen to get your hands on your very own pink pussycat beanie (and tell the patriarchy to keep their paws off planned parenthood), Kick Push Skate have a sassy selection in their online store.

*Images: 1- via @katiejonesknit The Women's March on Washington, 2- via @p_ssyhatproject and 3- via @jo_can_draw.

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